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Welcome to the website of the NATA. The Dutch Association of Timber Agents (NATA), founded in 1950, is an organization representing the needs of agents and sales offices for trade in timber, wood products and panels. The NATA is affiliated to the Federation of Dutch Intermediaries (VNT) in Amsterdam and the Dutch Association of Timber Trade Association (VVNH) in Almere. The members of the NATA, based in the Netherlands or Belgium, consider the relationship and the individual interests through an organization acting solely on behalf of foreign companies shipping agents, either as an intermediary, either as a sales representative, necessary in the chain of the timber. The association is concerned with: 1) protect the professional interests of professional intermediaries in the timber. 2) mutual collegial contact. 3) product, market information, statistical information, etc. for members. 4) maintaining contacts with industry related organizations and governments at home and abroad. Follow the menu for more information about the members, the countries and the products they represent.
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