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NATA timber agents provide a wide range of services both to suppliers from all around the world as to customers in Europe which include the leading importers for timber, timberproducts, plywood and sheetmaterial.

The NATA agent's strength lies in his commitment to develop long term relationships with both customers and suppliers and providing all relevant and up-to-date market information in a constant changing Worldwide marketplace.

The NATA agents are willing to act on either 'del credere' or standard conditions for suppliers, according to their own views on credit risk.

NATA agents can use an exclusively for NATA developed contract form (the NATA contract) the use of which contributes to providing the highest level of service to both parties.

Plan "Conscious of Wood"

NATA is supporter of the plan "Conscious with Wood". (http://www.bewustmethout.nl/downloads/bewust_met_hout_actieplan.pdf). Along with seven other trade associations and the promoters - the Royal Dutch Association of Timber Trade Association and the Dutch Union of Timber Manufacturers - NATA is working to promote the use of sustainably produced wood in the Netherlands. Conscious of the important spearhead action plan with wood is the sustainable choice the easy choice for entrepreneurs through practical obstacles. In addition, a joint campaign to all links in the chain to move to move to sustainable timber. Read on www.bewustmethout.nl.

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